State Olympic Games: Papum Pare top medal table on Day 2

ITANAGAR, Mar 14: Papum Pare were at the top of the medal table with eight gold, three silver and two bronze medals till 6 pm of the second day of the third State Olympic Games on Saturday.
East Kameng with four gold, four silver and three bronze medals were in the second place, followed by Tirap (3-3-1) in the third position. The positions might change in the medal standings by the end of the day’s events.
Dibang Valley, Kamle, Siang, Tawang, Upper Siang, APP SCB and Lower Siang were yet to open their accounts when the results were compiled.
Papum Pare bagged two gold, one silver and two bronze medals in weightlifting. The gold medals were won by Teli Mercy and Techi Nadam in the women’s 45 kg and 49 kg category, respectively.
East Kameng also bagged two gold and equal numbers of silver and bronze medals in weightlifting.
While Sandiya Gungli clinched a gold medal in the women’s 40 kg category, Ahim Lapung won the gold medal in the men’s 60 kg category.
Kurung Kumey’s Rubu Tadu (67 kg), Tirap’s Kina Longro (73 kg), Kra Daadi’s Sosar Tama (45 kg), Lower Subansiri’s Neelam Sopin (49 kg) and Leparada’s Dejum Gadi (55 kg) won a gold medal each in the men’s category.
Other medal winners in weightlifting (61 kg men) were Markio Tapa (Sil, Kra Daadi), Nabam Tania (Br, Papum Pare); (67 kg men) – Rambo Jakhio (Sil, East Kameng), Tamchi Tahon (Br, Kra Daadi); (73 kg men) – Tayur Ronik (Sil, Kra Daadi), Sonam Tsering Kasidu (Br, Pakke-Kessang); (40 kg women) – Ngurang Padung (Sil, Papum Pare), Nguncha Tangdon (Br, Kra Daadi); (45 kg women) – Kaken Doyum (Sil, Leparada), Anami Lamnio (Br, Kra Daadi); (49 kg women) – Yukar Amar (Sil, Kra Daadi), Eni Parang Londa (Br, East Kameng); (45 kg men) – Niya Dodum (Sil, East Kameng), Sanju Gungli (Br, Pakke Kessang); (49 kg men) – Bechho Chiroju (Sil, West Kameng), Sime Tara (Br, Papum Pare); (55 kg men) – Tagrik Tani (Sil, Kra Daadi) and Riba Bagang (Br, East Kameng).
In table tennis, Changlang won the gold medal in the team event, beating East Siang in the final.
Bronze medals were awarded to the semifinalists RGU Sports Control Board and Kra Daadi.
As per the latest information, East Kameng won the overall championship title in karate with eight gold and two bronze medals, followed by Kurung Kumey (4-3-1) and Papum Pare (2-2-3) in the second and third positions, respectively.