TRIHMS CMS dispels rumours surrounding couple who arrived from Europe

[ Nellie N Manpoong ]
NAHARLAGUN, Mar 22: Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS), Dr Hage Ambing, dispelled rumours surrounding a man and his wife who have reportedly returned to the state after a trip to Europe.
Speaking to reporters on Sunday during the ‘janta curfew’, Dr Ambing said the couple was screened and did not show symptoms of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), and is currently under home isolation.
“The couple went for a tour to Europe. They came to the hospital, and the hospital’s nodal officer for Covid-19, Dr Tamar Paley, examined them. They did not have any symptoms but were advised home quarantine. We are monitoring them daily and will take further steps only if they show symptoms,” Dr Ambing said.
Even though the couple has completed 14 days of home quarantine and not shown any symptoms, the doctors have advised a few extra days of isolation due to public pressure and rumours.
“Such things could make it difficult for the couple mentally and put a lot of stress on them. However, we have doctors from the state surveillance monitoring them, with support from TRIHMS,” he said.

‘Covid-19 ward’ established

The TRIHMS has also established a 35-bedded ‘Covid-19 ward’
in the hospital for suspected cases, as well as for those who test positive. The ward has different sections for persons with varying symptoms. These include isolation rooms, an ICU, and a ‘Covid-19 positive’ room.
The CMS informed that no Covid-19 patient has been detected so far. He said a help desk has been set up in the hospital, and that over 500 people have been screened.
He also noted that the number of patients visiting the hospital is down by 50 percent, “as the public is more aware now, and only those who are absolutely in need come now.”
While he admitted that thermal scanning alone cannot determine a positive case, he said the screening provides a marker of a person having a virus.
“It is not necessary that the person could be carrying a virus, but it helps as an indicator. The indication could help a patient get medical assistance and go through a health check-up by a doctor. If there are symptoms, the doctor can then send their samples for testing. It is one of the best methods to screen masses,” Dr Ambing said.
He also informed that a testing centre is in the process of being established in TRIHMS, but said that, as it would involve a lot of technical procedures, it may take a few months to set up one in the state.
Dr Ambing requested the people not to panic or create confusion, and to “let the department work and identify the situation to move forward.”
Those who are asymptomatic but have a travel history of going abroad have been advised to home-quarantine first. However, if they start showing symptoms, they are advised to seek medical assistance.
The CMS also advised maintaining personal hygiene, distance, and not worrying even if people have gone outside the state.
“Do not get affected psychologically. Even if exposed, one should try home quarantine and come to the health department for assistance if the health condition gets serious,” he said.