Citizens’ cooperation necessary

The first day of the lockdown on Tuesday witnessed partial success, especially in the capital complex region. As the government did not include private vehicles under the purview of the ban, many people came out of their homes. In fact, in Naharlagun, the usual traffic was witnessed, much to the shock and horror of the authorities and concerned citizens. The state government imposed the lockdown from Monday evening till 31 March in order to stop the possible spread of the coronavirus in the state. Medical experts have stated that a lockdown is the only effective means to stop the spread of the virus.
The whole country is now under lockdown as many states have announced similar measures in their respective states. It is extremely appalling to see people of Arunachal take the coronavirus so lightly. They are committing a grave mistake by doing so. Even a developed country like Italy, which has world’s best healthcare system, is struggling to contain the spread of the virus. More than 5000 people have died so far in Italy and the number is only growing. Arunachal does not have proper hospitals. The doctors and nurses are struggling for basic equipment to battle Covid-19. In this scenario, social distancing is perhaps the best solution to check any possible outbreak. The government has done its part by announcing a weeklong lockdown of the state. Now it is the duty of the citizens to extend support to safeguard themselves and others. It is virtually impossible for the police and the authorities to keep an eye on everyone. The onus lies on the citizens to cooperate with the government in this difficult time.