Changlang DA warns against black-marketing, exorbitant prices of essential items

[ Pisi Zauing ]
CHANGLANG, Mar 25: The Changlang district administration has warned the shopkeepers who are indulging in black marketing and charging exorbitant prices of essential items in the district of legal action.
The Changlang deputy commissioner, in an executive order said, ” There is a tendency amongst some shopkeepers to indulge in illegal hoarding and black marketing of essential food items after the Covid -19 pandemic, thereby creating shortage of food and daily household items in the district.”
The order further said that there are also reports of shopkeepers charging exorbitant prices on food items.
The administration directed all the traders and shopkeepers to ensure sale of all essential household items within the fixed maximum retail price. The violators of the order will invite legal action under relevant provision of law which include cancellation of trading license.