Pedestrian bridges being dismantled for four-lane construction

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 26: The pedestrian bridges that fall within the parameters of the four-lane highway construction in the capital are being dismantled under the supervision of Additional District Magistrate Talo Potom since Thursday morning.
Speaking to reporters here, Potom said the government had been trying to remove them since the past year and was awaiting approval.
“Fortunately or unfortunately, the tender for auction was approved recently, around the time the coronavirus lockdown came into effect. The decreased traffic will help the workers get the job done quickly,” he said.
On being asked whether or not constructing the pedestrian bridges and then dismantling them was a waste of public money, the ADM said, “The decisions are taken as per needs and requirements, and the same goes for their dismantling, as well. Some bridges have been placed correctly, but others, like the one near the RK Mission Hospital junction, have problems. It is not being used properly due to its placement. Some bridges are acting as obstructions to the four-lane construction.”
Without specifying as to which pedestrian bridges would be dismantled, he said the dismantling would take place “as per requirement.”