Miao intensifies fight against Covid-19

[ Pisi Zauing ]
MIAO, Mar 28: Essential food items were on Friday delivered to the people who are quarantined in the makeshift isolation ward of the PHC in Chophelling area here in Changlang district.
The food items were delivered by a team headed by EAC Apollo James Lungphi, DSP Tasi Darang, and Miao CHC MO, Dr HS Jongsam.
Eighteen Tibetan refugees are under ‘strict’ quarantine in the makeshift isolation ward for the last two days. Twenty-three other youths and three elderly persons have been placed under home quarantine.
Dr Jongsam briefed the people under quarantine on the medication and the daily routine to be followed during their 14-day quarantine.
“There are no new cases for isolation, and those placed under home quarantine in various villages and the isolation wards at the CHCs in Miao and the TR camp are fine and healthy,” Dr Jongsam said.
The team also visited the check gates in Namphai I and II, Kharsang and Namchik to assess the screening arrangements and the alertness of the police personnel deployed there.
In view of the reports of police high-handedness from various parts of the country, DSP Darang instructed the Kharsang PS OC to “handle the situation tactfully and with humanistic approach while enforcing the lockdown.”
In Manmao, PS Inspector Kapcheng Techi visited the nearby villages, where he met the GBs and shared the latest information on the Covid-19 outbreak.
Meanwhile, Miao MLA and UD Minister, Kamlung Mossang, thanked the frontline workers for performing their duties with utmost sincerity.
“This exercise must be continuously supported by the public, and the best way to support is to stay at home safely,” Mossang said.
The minister donated Rs 50,000 for the frontline workers and Rs 50,000 for procuring emergency materials. Another Rs 50,000 will be given to the Kharsang team soon, he said.