Govt urged to have man detained by PLA released

ITANAGAR, Mar 30: The Siyum Nacho Limeking Taksing Student’s Union (SINALITASU) in Upper Subansiri district has requested the state government to ensure immediate release of Tokley Singkam, who was reportedly caught and taken into custody by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) from Asapila (Sera 2) near the Sino-India border on 19 March.
Singkam (21), along with two others had on 18 March gone fishing near Asapila, which is about 30 kms from Taksing. He was caught by the Chinese Army the next day, when he and his two friends had gone back to check the fishnet they had laid overnight. The two others managed to flee.
In a press release, the SINALITASU on Monday said Singkom was an innocent man who was trying to feed his family by fishing and hunting.
“On behalf of the Singkom family, we would like to strongly urge the state government and the home department to get Singkom released at the earliest,” the union said.
It said it would launch a democratic movement in the state capital if the government fails to initiate action in this regard.