Kaso waives off tenants’ rent, urges others to do the same

ITANAGAR, Mar 30: Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso has said he will not charge any rent from the tenants residing in the buildings that he owns for as long as the lockdown is in place.
The MLA on Monday also appealed to other landlords in the capital to do the same.
“I appeal to all the landlords, especially those housing non-tribals from outside the state doing small-time businesses, to waive off the rent during the lockdown period. Their businesses are down and they are not able to go home, too. If possible, the landlords should provide them with food also. This is the time for the people to rise to the occasion and remember that nothing is above humanity,” said Kaso.
He also appealed to the people of the capital complex to strictly follow the lockdown order.
“I am myself strictly following the lockdown order and have been working from home. The war against Covid-19 can be won to a certain extent by staying at home and by strictly maintaining social distance. Chief Minister Pema Khandu is doing a good job of protecting the citizens of the state, and it is the duty of every citizen to support the government at this juncture,” the MLA said.