ANYA clarifies fuss over Covid-19 patient

ITANAGAR, Apr 4: The All Nyishi Youth Association [ANYA] has appealed to the people to refrain from engaging in argument over the treatment of the non-indigenous Covid-19 positive patient from Lohit at TRIHMS.
In a press release, the association said it “never said that our own indigenous brethren of the eastern sector of the state should not be treated at TRIHMS, but oppose the treatment of that particular patient only.”
Stating that there was a rumour that the patient was being brought by helicopter to the densely populated capital city, “immediate step was required to douse the fire in the capital, so that no any law and order problem arises,” the association said.
“…in para (2) of our letter to the CM, it was clearly stated that the Covid-19 positive patient had attended a religious congregation at Hazrat Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi. The people living in the state capital region were under the impression that the particular patient attended the programme to spread the deadly virus in Arunachal despite knowing the fact that the deadly virus has already engulfed the national capital region (NCR), particularly at the site of congregation.”
“The press briefing of the health minister later in the evening was in obvious reference to our representation and feeling the pulse of the entire residents of the capital complex irrespective of region, religion, caste (or) creed,” it said.
“Now is the responsibility of the entire civil society to reach to the crux as to who misled our young boys and girls to divide Arunachal in the name of sectors when we badly need each other to fight the deadly virus at this crucial juncture,” the ANYA said.
“We appeal to our brethren of the state to put a full-stop on this un-seemingly cooked-up controversy just for a single outsider and it is time for us to show solidarity as the aborigines and custodian of our own people and our own state,” it said.
The association meanwhile urged the state government to take care of the Arunachalee students and patients who are stranded outside the state.