Strong action required

There are reports that people who came from outside the state are not strictly following the quarantine order. Especially in the capital complex, people are reportedly ignoring the strict advisory issued by the health department, urging them to maintain home-quarantine guidelines and social distancing. The health department has raised a red flag over it. This is a serious breach of the advisories issued by the health department to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the state and the matter should be taken extremely seriously by the authorities.
The irresponsible behaviour of these people has the potential to cause a major health crisis. In fact, their behaviour is as bad as those who attended the religious congregation at Nizamuddin in New Delhi. The Nimzamuddin congregation has caused a major crisis after several people attending it have been found positive for Covid-19. The district administration should take strict action against those who are violating the quarantine advisory. In many states, the police have booked those who are not cooperating during the quarantine period. In fact, in some states, even the NSA charges have been slapped on such people. While it may be too harsh to slap NSA charge in Arunachal, still a concrete action should be taken against those people who are not following the home-quarantine guidelines. These people should remember that their reckless behaviour has the potential to harm their own families along with the society at large. It is time the authorities strongly clamped down on those who willfully violate the quarantine advisory and the lockdown order.