Construction to start with prior permission in Lower Subansiri

ZIRO, Apr 15: With the nationwide lockdown extended till 3rd of May to combat Covid-19, Deputy Commissioner Chukhu Takar reviewed the action plan of the district.
It was decided in the meeting that the work at the construction sites and small scale industries can be re-started after obtaining a written permission with details of all the labourers engaged in the work from the district administration.
The officials of the district administration will also inspect the sites before issuing the work permit.
DMO Dr Tage Kanno said that the extension of the lockdown “buys us time to equip ourselves with better medical facilities like ICU, PPE etc.”
“However we will have to be more vigilant in tracking the people coming from red zone areas and ensure they are quarantined institutionally. For this, the quarantine supervisors appointed for each village will have to trace the people of Lower Subansiri based on the data provided on the Covid dashboard that provides the details of people and their travel history and counsel and convince them for quarantine”, the DMO said.
In the meeting it was also decided to prepare a rooster for office attendance. For the transportation of the employees, the state transport buses will be requisitioned. All the employees will have to compulsorily wear masks while travelling in these buses for their offices.
Yachuli ADC JT Obi emphasized on rigorous disinfection of all goods vehicles coming from Assam and other parts of the country at Potin.
“Potin is the entry point for all the goods truck for Lower Subansiri, Kamle, Upper Subansiri, Kra Daadi and Kurung Kurmey. The load of disinfecting all the trucks is very heavy here,” he added, while requesting the Lower Subansiri SP to spare the mini fire vehicle for spraying disinfectants.
The police department was also requested to provide 24/7 surveillance at Pai Gate (the entry to Ziro Town) to monitor unauthorized entries of men and vehicles into the town.
The meeting was attended by ADC Nending Chatung, all administrative officers and DDMO. (DIPRO)