DC appeals for patience

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 15: Itanagar-Capital Region Deputy Commissioner Komkar Dulom appealed to the people who are stranded in the capital region, to wait till the lockdown ends to go back to their homes.
“Besides outsiders, many Arunachalees who came from districts to the capital for medical, business and official work are also stranded. We understand that they are facing lot of problem but there is no option but to observe the lockdown in the best interest of the state,” he said.
The DC also informed that people’s attitude towards quarantine measures have improved and they are being more cooperative.
“Initially we had some difficulties but things are better now. Those under quarantine at home and also at centres run by the government are extending full cooperation. The public and family members are taking Covid-19 seriously,” he said.
The DC credited health workers for working hard to bring about the change in the people’s attitude towards Covid-19. He also stated that the capital administration has identified various places which can be converted into temporary quarantine centres.
Dulom further informed that till 19 April, the lockdown will be imposed like the first phase.
“But from 20 April onwards, there might be some changes based on the guideline issued by the MHA and we will have to wait and watch,” he said, adding that the lockdown will continue as the per the MHA guidelines.
He said that the chief secretary, in a videoconference held on Wednesday, directed all the deputy commissioners to impose lockdown as per the home ministry advisories.