Re-impose curfew

For the second straight day today, the twin town of Itanagar and Naharlagun witnessed large-scale movement of vehicles and people.
Citizens are starting to come out in large numbers after the curfew imposed by the capital administration ended on 14 April.
This is an extremely dangerous trend.
It seems that the people of the capital region are taking the threat of Covid-19 very lightly. Scientists and health experts have repeatedly said that the next one month is going to be critical for India to stop further spread of the virus.
It is the duty of every citizen to support the government in this critical phase. Maintaining social distance by staying at home is the most potent weapon to fight the Covid-19.
However, going by the reckless behavior of the citizens of Capital Complex in the last two days, it is going to be herculean task to impose the lockdown till 3 May. The capital administration should immediately re-impose curfew and curb unnecessary movement of people.
The citizens of the capital can learn lessons from other districts where the villagers themselves have taken up a cudgel battle against Covid-19. Many have blocked access to the villages and are strictly following the lockdown measures.
The people of the Capital Complex should act responsibly and strictly follow the lockdown measures before the situation turns grim.