Let us appreciate good work

Following severe criticism from the public, the agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry departments have risen to the occasion. There are reports of agriculture produce market committees (APMC) facilitating the sale of locally grown vegetables, including potatoes and fruits, across the state, including in the capital complex. Sales of fish are also underway at periodical intervals under the guidance of the fisheries department. This has considerably eased the problem of the citizens. Because of the nationwide lockdown, which was followed by a ban on import of vegetables, fish and poultry items from outside the state, there have been acute shortages of these items in the state.
However, the situation is now getting better with the agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry departments taking charge of the situation. This lockdown has been a learning experience for every one of us, including the agri-allied sectors. It is only in times of crisis that people realizes their importance. Hopefully, learning from this, the people will end their dependence on Assam and try to promote the local farmers. There are enough land and resources in the state but lack of proper planning is the root cause of all the problems. For now, let us appreciate the efforts being made by the agriculture, fisheries, horticulture and animal husbandry departments to make all the required items available to the people in this difficult time of lockdown. They have made a good beginning by tying up with local farmers to make items like vegetables, fruits, fish, etc, available in the markets. Hopefully, they will continue the same after the end of the lockdown, too.