Cooperate with the administration

For the last few days the capital region has once again been witnessing heavy movement of vehicles as well as people in the streets. Especially in Itanagar, large numbers of people are repeatedly defying the lockdown measures and are coming out in large numbers. The lockdown is in place till 3 May. The irresponsible behaviour of a section of the society has the potential to cause harm to the entire state. The police and the administration are struggling to stop the movement of the people. This is really unfortunate.
If anything goes wrong later, the people will not take a second to blame the administration and the police. They seem to be forgetting their basic duty as responsible citizens of the nation. The battle against Covid-19 cannot be fought by the authorities alone. They are doing their part by imposing the lockdown and improving the healthcare facilities. The duty of the citizens is to follow the advisories issued by the health department and stay at home. But it is repeatedly seen that the people of the state, particularly in the capital complex, do not follow the lockdown measures. This tendency to violate the lockdown will hurt the efforts of the administration. It’s time the citizens introspected and got their act right. Except for emergency cases or to buy essential items, the citizens should avoid going out. Let us cooperate with the administration and be Corona warriors.