Government fails migrant workers

The migrant labourers have been the worst victims of the nationwide lockdown imposed to contain the spread of the Covid-19. Thousands of them are being forced to walk back home due to lack of transport facilities. In a tragic incident, 15 migrant workers in a group of 20, were killed after a cargo train ran over them while they were sleeping on the railway tracks in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad on Thursday morning. They were reportedly tired after a long walk and were sleeping on the tracks. The incident once again highlights how the migrant workers have been treated shabbily by the government.
Though several states have been running ‘Shramik’ special trains for migrants who wish to return home for emergency reasons, many have started walking back on their own. Earlier, the Karnataka government cancelled the train service, creating more confusion among the migrant workers. After much controversy, the Karnataka government relented, but by then it was too late and many began their long walks back home. The Government of India is sending planes and navy ships to bring back stranded Indians from across the world. What made them take such delayed decision to provide train services to the migrant workers? The Government of India has miserably failed the migrant workers of the country. They are the backbone of the nation and without their contribution, the economy of the country will sink. At this juncture, when they are facing horrific times due to loss of jobs, the government should have shown more compassion to the migrant workers and addressed their concerns.