RGU’s high-handedness

Dear Editor,
I would like to bring to the kind notice
of the people that, my family has been residing in our ancestral land adjacent to the Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) campus much prior to the
establishment of the institution itself; in fact, we are one of the land donor families.
Since the RGU authority started carrying out the
boundary demarcation process, accordingly, in 2006, my family humbly wrote letter to the authority requesting to continue allowing us passage through the RGU campus.
After consistently writing to the authority, in April 2018, we received a notice from RGU authority that we won’t be allowed to do so and to look for alternate route. No further explanation was provided.
We responded immediately by submitting an application to continue allowing us the passage because our area, situated in the north-east
part of the campus, is completely surrounded by mountains and deep gorges from every side and unlike the rest of the adjoining areas, there is no other alternate road for us to communicate with the
outside world.
On 27th April 2020, when the nation was battling and suffering under the global pandemic crisis, the RGU authority has committed the arbitrary and inhumane act of putting us under double lockdown by closing our only access road and imprisoning and rendering us helpless from even getting our essential commodities and attending to emergency
health issues.
Several government staffs, and university, college and school going students are also residing in the area. When the lockdown is lifted, the road blockade will deter them from attending their respective work and classes.
In the present times, when the government is extending effort at reaching to its every citizen of even the remotest part of the region by constructing roads and carrying out developmental works, the
premier institution of the state like RGU is shunning the state’s innocent and law abiding people from human progress and development.
Therefore, I am writing this letter in a hope that the government, concerned authorities and every right thinking people will not allow such unjust perpetration, and deprive us of even a basic dignified living.
P.S. My family is not engaged in any land encroachment activity.
Teshi Pipang,
On behalf of the
aggrieved family