Stranded patients in Vellore

Dear Editor,
This is for the attention of the state government regarding the situation of the stranded patients in Vellore.
Fearing the spread of virus, the govt of Tamil Nadu has already directed all the lodges nearby CMC hospital to vacate by 10th of May, which has brought many stranded patients from Arunachal to a state of dilemma.
The people have been told either to vacate or they will be shifted to some new place, which exposes them to unknown danger.
Sikkim has started bringing back it’s stranded patients by providing services like Shamik trains and buses, I sincerely believe that the govt will do the same and not put the life of stranded patients in danger.
The delay caused in reaching out to the people of red zones may considerably put the life of such people in danger who do not have a safe haven to keep them protected during the ongoing corona virus crisis.
Nako Umpo
NERIST, Nirjuli