Doctors save man with rod impaled in abdomen

TAWANG, May 10: A 26-year-old male with a 20 cm iron rod impaled into his lower abdomen was saved by a team of doctors from the Indian Army and the Khandro Drowa Tsangmu district hospital here in Tawang district on Saturday.
Reportedly, the man accidentally fell down and a 20cm long iron rod of 16mm calibre was impaled into his lower abdomen.
Teams of the district hospital and Army field hospital at Khirmu immediately swung into action and managed to surgically remove the rod.
The team included surgeon Dr (Major) Ranjan Kumar and anesthesiologist Lieutenant Colonel Ritesh Sharma and staff from the Army hospital, and Dr Ashish Pao, and other doctors and staff of the Khandro Drowa Tsangmu district hospital.
DMO Dr Wangdi Lama informed that it was a nightmare to know the extent of damage caused to abdominal viscera due to the non-availability of adequate imaging facility.
The team took a call to operate as evacuation to any higher centre was hazardous for the safety of the patient.
“This was another example of bonhomie between the Army and the civil administration of Tawang in saving a precious life in this remote region during this difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The venture was possible only because of the kind cooperation from the Army hospital’s Commanding Officer Col Abir Gogoi and the commander of the Tawang Brigade,” the DMO added. (DIPRO)