Contractors’ ass’n raises concern over work quality of NH

ITANAGAR, May 19: The All Arunachal Contractor’s Welfare Association (AACWA) has expressed concern over the work quality of the national highway package from Chandranagar to Papu Nalah (Package-1).
The AACWA claimed that “most of the turning points on the national highway are extremely curved and may pose danger in future and may even became points of accident, resulting in loss of human life.”
The association urged the PWD highway department to intervene in the ongoing work while monitoring the quality of work and avoid such
winding turning points and modify their alignment before completion of work.
It also urged contractors to expedite the ongoing work as vehicular movement is currently low due to the nationwide lockdown.
The association further requested the state government to encourage local entrepreneurs in government project.
The AACWA claimed that “a few vested IAS officers are encouraging government e-marketing (GeM) for procurement and supply work in the state government and their payments are being released, whereas local contractors working on government projects are not getting paid from the departments.”
Seeking the government’s intervention, the AACWA said that it would not tolerate the same and may be compelled to stage a protest in the coming days against such activities.