APAMB decides to strengthen marketing kiosks at 12 prominent checkgates

ITANAGAR, May 22: The Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Marketing Board (APAMB) in its 30th board meeting here on Friday decided to strengthen Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee’s (APMC) kiosks at twelve prominent entry checkgates in the state. Animal quarantine and certification services will also be part of the kiosks.
The meeting, which was presided over by agriculture minister Tage Taki, decided that the proposed kiosks are to be managed by the officials of agriculture, A.H and Veterinary, Fisheries and Horticulture departments and these will function as a phytosanitary centre for all agriculture and horticulture seeds and planting materials.
It was further decided that APAMB will function independently in the area of postharvest management of all agriculture and allied produces and agriculture-marketing director will have to largely carry out regulatory functions, while the APAMB will be mandated with developmental responsibilities under the Act.
Minister Taki, in his address reiterated that the role of Agriculture Marketing Board in doubling the farmers’ income in the state. He suggested the board to take up aggressive approach for procurement, sale and marketing of the agri-horti produces of the state.
The Board also reviewed functioning of all the APMCs across the state and discussed on modalities for improving its functioning while, APAMB CEO Okit Palling briefed on the action taken.
Among others, agri-horticulture secretary Bidol Tayeng, AH&V secretary Mimum Tayeng, horticulture director Jhummar Rime, AH & V director Dr. N.D Minto, fisheries director J.Taba and agri-marketing director Tagu Game attended the meeting.