Admin issues prohibitory order as Kameng in spate

Staff Reporter
SEPPA, May 23: The East Kameng district administration on Saturday prohibited sauntering and other activities along the riverside in the district.
In its prohibitory order, Additional District Magistrate Dahey Sangno stated that due to incessant rainfall over the last few days, the water level of the Kameng River and its tributaries are rising and might become dangerous.
The ADM said that a few lives have been lost because of drowning in the Kameng River and its tributaries while swimming, fishing and collecting logs, etc in the past.
Imposing section 144 CrPC, the ADM prohibited visiting riversides, frolicking or collection of floating logs, firewood etc, swimming, fishing and collection of sands, boulders, and other minerals, besides strictly prohibiting earth cutting.
The ADM further directed the town magistrate and the police unit in Seppa to execute the order.
Meanwhile, the Papu River is reportedly flowing above the danger level due to torrential rainfall. The river was seen overflowing the temporary culvert bridge at Sede village this morning stranding passengers for hours.