Follow SOP, make quarantine mandatory

Dear Editor,
I would like to welcome all the stranded Arunachalees coming back home. We as a tribal society have always been compassionate towards each other and this particular situation has all the reasons to be more compassionate.
Having said so, all the returnees should also know that till now our state is classified as ‘green zone’ and the lone infected person was a returnee from Delhi.
Hence now it’s the responsibility of the returnees to follow all the SOPs and take extra care while on the way to Arunachal.
Our state’s dilapidated health care system is no secret now and once the infection starts here we will be at the mercy of god.
Through this platform, I would also like to request the state government to make compulsory institutional quarantine until the result turns negative as we have witnessed soft handedness in the paid quarantine facilities.
A concerned citizen