Amidst opposition, proposal on extension of superannuation age of drs to be tabled before state cabinet

[ Amar Sangno ]
ITANAGAR, May 27: The health department is initiating a cabinet proposal for increasing the superannuation age of serving doctors from existing 62 to 65 years.
The new proposal for extension of superannuation age of the doctors serving in the government will be tabled in the next cabinet meeting which is scheduled for 29 May (Friday).
Sources in the health department informed that the direction came from the cabinet to put up the proposal in the next cabinet meeting.
The move for extension of superannuation age has reportedly irked new graduate medical students who are seeking government employment.
However, it is said that in-service doctors in the department are lobbying with the health minister to ensure that the new proposal sails through smoothly in the upcoming cabinet meeting.
“Seniors doctors need not continue as the health department needs a reboot. It is time young doctors are given a chance to take up the responsibilities of the health department to revamp it,” a senior doctor serving in the health department said, on condition of anonymity.
“Seniors are sticking to their chairs; holding multiple positions at the state level, which automatically brings down their efficiency,” the doctor said.
Another senior doctor said, “It is up to the government to take a wise decision, but for the larger interest, seniors should retire gracefully as the tenure of the doctors has already been extended from 58 to 62. They should give juniors a chance for promotion.”
“If the government feels somebody’s expertise and services are really needed, the government should employ them on honorary basis, or if someone wants to volunteer, then the government can think of deputing him or her on honorary basis, but not as a blanket rule to extend the retirement age,” he said while opposing the move.
Confirming the new proposal, which is slated to be tabled in the cabinet meeting, Health and Family Welfare Secretary P Parthiban said that department is initiating the proposal based on instruction by the cabinet.
Young Arunachal Movement (YAM) chairman Tarh Hari also opposed the proposal, claiming that the doctors who are on verge of retirement are mostly holding administrative posts.
“They have left clinical practices long back and have not been in touch with the latest treatment practices. It will be very dangerous to put them for clinical practice after years,” the YAM chairman said.
Calling for immediate recalling and cancellation of such a proposal, Hari added that “doctors who are on verge of retirement are mostly holding the highest administrative posts in the health department,” adding: “If the superannuation age is enhanced, they have to work under junior doctors in the PHC and CHCs, which would put them in an awkward situation.”