Give high quality PPE to frontliners

Even after much hue and cry over the poor personal protective equipment (PPE) during the initial period of the battle against Covid-19, the government of Arunachal Pradesh has failed to provide good quality equipment to the frontliners even now.
The health workers working across the state are still crying foul over the PPE kits. This is quite shocking, considering the fact that the state government had promised to provide better quality PPE after the initial controversy. The government had enough time during the lengthy lockdown period to procure good quality products but they have failed to deliver.
It is unfortunate that the health workers are being forced to work without being provided high-quality PPE. This will put them at great risk. As many stranded Arunachalees are starting to return to the state, the health workers will have to take maximum precaution. All the people returning to the state will get tested for the Covid-19 and undergo mandatory quarantine. The health workers are the ones doing the registration and also taking samples of the returnees at the quarantine centres.
By supplying them low quality PPE, the government is putting their lives at risk.
One positive case has already been reported from among the returnees, and the government cannot afford to take any chances. It should acquire high quality PPE at the earliest and make them available for the frontline Covid-19 warriors.