Impractical proposal for extension of superannuation age

In an unusual move, the health department is proposing increasing the superannuation age of serving doctors from the existing 62 years to 65 years.
The proposal is expected to be placed in the next cabinet meeting.
At a time when governments across the globe are looking for a young workforce, it is strange to see the state health department making this proposal. This is a regressive step and the state cabinet should take a wise decision based on the merits.
With due respect to the contribution of the doctors serving the state, this move seems more like a motivated one than serving any other purpose.
The department has justified the move by citing that a lack of qualified doctors forced them to do so. However, every year, several qualified Arunachalee doctors graduate from various medical colleges of the country. Some of them are working in other parts of the country due to lack of opportunity back home, and therefore, this justification holds no ground.
Infact, many of the doctors who are into administrative jobs seem to be backing the move. They are keen on holding onto their chairs, and increasing the superannuation age from the existing 62 years to 65 years, will solely benefit them.
But such a move is not in the interest of the state. If the government is keen on continuing the services of few exceptionally talented doctors, then they can always give them extension in their service.