Lesson for the state from Upper Silatoo and Jona III

As the state is struggling with the issues concerning the institutional quarantine facilities, the decision of the villagers of Upper Silatoo and Jona III in Namsai district to set up community quarantine centres at their respective villages in order to house people returning to the state has come as a major boon.
In the community quarantine centres, the people who have been released from institutional quarantine centres and have been advised to undergo 14 days home quarantine will be housed. The villagers deserve appreciation for coming up with such noble idea in this time of pandemic.
This move has come as welcome relief at a time when some section of society have been opposing the decision to convert hotels and some government buildings into quarantine centres. Particularly, in the capital region there have been protests against the quarantine centres.
The people of state should learn from the initiative of the villagers of Upper Silatoo and Jona III in Namsai district.
It should be clear to everyone that quarantine centres are set up by the government strictly adhering to the laid down protocols. Also not everyone who stays in these centres is infected with Covid-19. In fact quarantine centres help to identify any potential infection as returnees staying in these centres are tested for Covid -19 before being allowed to go home to continue the home quarantine.
Therefore, people should not create any unnecessary hurdle and extend all possible support to the authorities. But they should keep an eye and report if there are any lapses on the part of authorities.