RGU webinar on ‘Hindustani classical music and covid-19 pandemic’

RONO HILLS, May 29: The two days international webinar on “Hindustani Classical Music & Covid-19 Pandemic” conducted by the fine arts and music department of the Rajiv Gandhi University came to an end here on Friday.
Addressing the valedictory function, RGU Vice Chancellor Prof. Saket Kushwaha felt that music could be a panacea of all ailments and pain.
The VC said that ‘the learning community should continue to work and be ready to face any situation’.
RGU Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. A. Mitra informed that this is the 6th online webinar conducted by RGU during the lockdown period.
RGU Registrar Prof.Tomo Riba appreciated the initiative taken by the fine arts and music department of the RGU.
RGU Joint Registrar Dr. David Pertin said that the webinar aimed to bring hope, positivity and cheer during this challenging period of lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.
Amongst others, Prof. Tana Showren, Dean, Faculty of Social Science, RGU, Ashok Barman, Head, Department of fine arts and music, Dr. Sambhu Prasad, Coordinator of the International webinar and Hindi Officer of RGU Gumpi Nguso also spoke.
Participants from Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius, and the USA took part in the webinar.