Extension of age from 62 to 65 for doctors

Dear Editor,
The extension of date of superannuation of doctors from the existing 62 years to 65 years will have major impact on the issue of employment in the state. It can be a suicidal mission. The main sufferings will be visible in the appointments at the entry level, which has been represented and resentment expressed by some civil society organisation(s) in Arunachal recently.
The fact of the matter is that our community most probably is yet to see a paradigm shift in the structure of the health department and the health system of Arunachal. The present Covid-19-related imbroglio is one of the best-suited examples on the status of the preparedness and response of our health system.
Being an educationist and an observer, I have a strong feeling that the administration and running of major health programs are to be shouldered on to public health specialists and epidemiologists.
Presently, many of the policy decision making chairs in the department of health & family welfare of the state are occupied and handled by clinical specialists of various medical disciplines, who are actually to be placed in the hospitals to look after the health needs of the patients.
However, the cabinet approval on engaging retired doctors at 62 years and health personnel on honorarium basis may be helpful to the health system till further such necessary arrangements are made.
B Bage
Dept of Sociology, RGU