Community transmission must be prevented

The total number of Covid-19 positive cases has risen to 65 in the state, out of which four people have recovered and 61 are active cases. In an encouraging development, three people have been discharged from Covid care centres (CCC) in the last three days after fully recovering. Also, most of the patients are asymptomatic and in relatively good health. This gives hope that all will recover at some point. It is heartening to know that all the Covid-19 positive cases have been detected at quarantine centres. This made it easy for the doctors to isolate the positive cases from the rest of the population. The decision of the government of Arunachal to put all the people entering the state in institutional quarantine and conduct Covid-19 tests is now paying off.
These two measures are the main weapons to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the state. Further, the people who have recovered have praised the preparedness at the CCCs and the quarantine centres. This shows that after the initial chaos the administrations have got their acts together. The state government deserves appreciation on this front. However, the battle is half won. The government should remain alert. Covid-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate across the country. India has now taken the fourth spot in the list of nations worst hit by the coronavirus. The country logged 2,95,772 cases by Thursday evening, overtaking the UK, which was in the fourth spot so far with 2,91,588 cases. India is now preceded only by Russia, Brazil and the US. Therefore the Covid-19 cases are expected to rise in the state, too. The only way to battle it is to make quarantine measures more robust. Community transmission should be prevented any cost.