SOP breached at Banderdewa check gate

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jun 12: A serious lapse in protocol has surfaced again, this time at the Banderdewa check gate, as a data entry operator (DEO) of the Papum Pare district medical office (DMO) was reportedly allowed to enter on his own bike on Thursday.
Sources said that the DEO had come from Bihpuria, Assam, on a two-wheeler and showed his health department identity card at the check gate, claiming that he was coming from the PTC.
The medical team stationed at the check gate allowed him in after screening.
The sources added that the DEO later showed up at the DMO in Yupia. However, on learning that he had come from Assam, the DMO immediately sent him into facility quarantine (FQ) in Yupia.
On being alerted, the medical officer (MO) stationed at the check gate lodged an FIR at the Banderdewa police station, alleging that the DEO breached the protocol and the standard operating procedure (SOP).
The MO stated in the FIR that the DEO had lied to the medical team that he was coming from the PTC.
“Yes, he entered via the Banderdewa check gate in an unauthorized manner, and once our team came to know about this, we immediately sent him to the FQ in Yupia. His swab sample will be taken on the third day, and we shall follow the prescribed SOP,” DMO Dr Subu Tasso Kampu said.
Reportedly, the DEO works in the accounts section of the district medical office.
When contacted by The Arunachal Times, the DEO claimed that he did not lie. He said he had told the medical team that he was coming from Bihpuria via the PTC road.
“I did not lie to them. I told them that I was coming from Bihpuria via PTC road. They allowed me to go as I was coming on my own bike,” he said.
The DEO said that he came after an order had been issued by the DMO on 9 May, directing the health staff stranded in Assam to report back immediately.
However, the DMO clarified that it was a common order issued to every stranded staffer to report back to office while strictly complying with the protocols and the SOP.