[ Sersang W Naksang ]

I could never get the things I wanted,
So i accommodated and changed my wants,
I could never have the person I wanted, So I thought I should be there
For someone who wants me.

Now I sit here, loveless to the core, Wondering about what went wrong,
What could have been done-the its and the buts.

But if reflection has taught me anything It is that despite what we could not have, We could still have a lot more,
If we are willing to look for it.

Contradictory? Yes!
But that’s human nature.

To kill and then seek for peace,
To destroy and then seek to rebuild,
To sin and then pray to God.
It’s human to err.
But we learn from our mistakes.

On bright days a pessimist,
An optimist when it’s dark out.
But it’s no fault of mine,
For I’m only human,
And by that misfortune
I shall play out my hollow scenes,
Till the end of this holocene.

l won’t go down history,
But thats fine with me.
When I come to think of it,
I would rather be remembered by a select few,
Who knew me for my true self,
Rather than going down,
In the history of a species,
That has, in its fits of brilliance, Darkened its world.