Int’l webinar on global health crisis held

RONO HILLS, Jun 18: The geography department of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) conducted an international webinar on ‘Global health crisis and socioeconomic impact of Covid-19: A geographical perspective’ from here on Thursday.
Altogether 522 participants, comprising students, researchers, academicians, administrators and scientists from India and abroad, attended the webinar.
RGU Vice Chancellor, Prof Saket Kushwaha spoke on “the need to discuss the problems in different dimensions of global pandemic,” while Ethiopian Civil Services University’s Associate Professor, Dr Pragya Tiwari Gupta addressed the “problems of migrants,” highlighting their contributions in the socioeconomic development of urban areas.
Former TM Bhagalpur University VC, Prof VC Jha gave a lecture on “how digital technology is playing an important
role in tracking, detecting and mapping Covid-19 in spatial context.”
Former head of the University of Delhi’s geography department, Prof RB Singh highlighted the spread of Ebola, SARS and Covid-19 in cities “in geographical perspective,” and UP-based Rajarshi Open University VC, Prof KN Singh focused on “spatial analysis of Covid-19,” while RGU Pro-VC, Prof Amitava Mitra spoke on the “current global changing scenario due to Covid-19.”
Among others, RGU Registrar (in-charge), Prof Tomo Riba, Geography HoD Prof Kiran Kumari, and Associate Geography Professor, Dr Tage Rupa Sora also spoke.