Awareness prog for highland farmers held

DIRANG, Jun 20: Forty-five livestock farmers from Yewang, Jyotinagar, Sangti, Thembang, Rungkhung and other villages and from Dirang benefitted from an awareness programme on ‘scientific feeding and management of highland farmers’, organized by the National Research Centre on Yak (NRCY) here in West Kameng district on Saturday.
During the programme, which was organized in collaboration with the animal husbandry, veterinary & dairy development department, senior scientist Dr D Medhi spoke on scientific feeding, breeding, and reproductive and health management of different highland animals.
He also gave a talk on “hygienic maintenance aspects for clean milk production and value addition of the products.”
NRCY Director, Dr P Chakravarty advised the participants to “strictly maintain hygiene and sanitary measures to keep all safe and healthy.”
Yewang Gaon Burah Kunjo Tsering also spoke.
Later, concentrate feed, chelated mineral mixtures, calcium preparations and basic veterinary medicines were distributed among the farmers for their animals.