Join hands together

Even as India and China continue to remain in a tense standoff in Ladakh region, the ruling BJP and opposition Congress are busy pointing fingers at each other. At a time when the nation needs them to stand together, the two major political parties are indulging in a political slugfest against each other. This is really unfortunate and should be avoided. The immaturity exhibited by both the parties is shocking. The BJP has raised questions over donations made by the Chinese to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.
Hitting back at the BJP, the Congress alleged that Chinese firms were contributing to the PM CARES fund (PMCF) and asked why it was accepting such donations at a time when India and China have been engaged in a tense border standoff. On social media platforms the leaders of both the parties were sharing old pictures of their respective leaders sharing the stage with Chinese leadership. This attempt to portray each other in the wrong way should be immediately stopped. It is a fact that prime ministers like Rajiv Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and even the present PM, Narendra Modi visited China and shared a platform with the Chinese leadership. These are part of the diplomacy and nobody should question the patriotism of any leader for making such visits. Instead of trying to undo each other, both the ruling BJP and principal opposition party Congress should join hands together in this time of difficulties. However, the onus lies with the ruling party to take the opposition parties into confidence.