Papu-Yupia-Potin road needs attention

The pathetic condition of the Papu-Yupia-Potin road has forced a group of MLAs, cutting across party lines, to make an appeal to the state government to immediately carry out repair work. The MLAs, including from the opposition Congress and the ruling BJP, have made a fervent appeal to the state government to carry out the repairing on priority. This stretch of road is the lifeline for the people of Papum Pare, Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri, Kra Daadi and Kurung Kumey districts. The condition of the road has been deteriorating for the last few years. In 2019, the government of India had even sanctioned funds for its repair and the tender process was also conducted.
The repair work is yet to begin. Obviously, issues like the monsoon and Covid-19 have affected the progress of the work. However, when the repair work starts, the PWD highway should make sure that the work is properly executed. The quality should not be compromised with at any cost. There are several areas where the condition of the road has really deteriorated. Some require long-term planning to mitigate the problem. The repair work should not be mere eye-wash. It has to be properly done in order to achieve long-term stability. Also, the Papu-Yupia-Potin road is important from a military point of view. The military personnel use this road to reach the India-China border in districts like Upper Subansiri and Kurung Kumey. Such an important strategic road cannot be left abandoned by the government.