ANSU seeks withdrawal of non-APST names from CMFP shortlist

ITANAGAR, Jul 11: The All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) has sought immediate withdrawal of the shortlisted non-APST candidates’ names from the Chief Minister’s Fellowship Programme (CMFP) and cancellation of the video interview scheduled for 13 July.
The union said that it was dismayed to find that “maximum shortlisted candidates are from outside the state and that there are few students from Arunachal Pradesh shortlisted for video interview.”
It demanded that the government make the selection ratio 80:20, with 80 percent for APSTs and 20 percent for others “like other departmental exams/norms under the state government.”
Saying that the fellowship programme is for unemployed youths and students, the union also demanded that the experience eligibility of five years be reduced to one or two years.
It also demanded that the pass percentage for eligibility be reduced to 45 to 50 percent for APST candidates from the current 60 percent, adding that the demand for changes in eligibility could be met under the guidelines of the CMFP “under 3.7(ii) and 3.9.”
The ANSU requested employees from outside the state to be “considerate and not compare Arunachal Pradesh with other states.
“We are at a growing stage and moreover very emotional in nature as well as ignorant. Refrain from playing with our emotion and stop trying to play with our ignorance,” it said in a release.
It warned of staging a protest at the civil secretariat on Monday if the government fails to withdraw the names of the shortlisted non-APST candidates and to maintain the ratio of 80:20.