Another major setback for INC

Another Congress government is on the verge of collapse. Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sanchin Pilot has started a rebellion against his own Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot. Pilot is camping in Delhi with his MLA supporters. Though it is early days to know whether the government will be brought down or not, the rebellion once again exposes everything that is wrong with the Congress party. Ever since the humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha election in 2019, the party has not recovered.
First, Jyotiraditya Scindia revolted against the Congress and brought down the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh. He joined the BJP and has been elected to the Rajya Sabha. A similar tactics is now being used by Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan. People like Scindia and Pilot are seen as future leaders. Therefore it was a huge setback to the Congress party when Scindia joined the BJP. If Pilot also follows the same path, it is going to be a bigger loss for the Congress party. He is seen as someone who is extremely hardworking and is quite popular among the youths. The Congress will suffer a lot if he chooses to leave the party. Losing him would be a bigger loss than having lost Scindia. The situation will become clear in the next few days. But for the country to prosper a strong opposition is very important. The present Congress leadership under the Gandhi family has failed to play the role of a robust opposition. They should make way for others to take the party forward. It is people like Sachin Pilot who deserve a shot at the leadership.