NSCN-GPRN condemns killing of ‘Naga Army personnel’

ITANAGAR, Jul 11: The NSCN-GPRN has vehemently condemned the killing of six “Naga Army personnel” by a combined force of the Assam Rifles, the Indian Army and the Arunachal Pradesh Police in Nginu in Longding district on Saturday, and termed it a “well-planned and coordinated act of terrorism by the Indian security forces personnel.”
In a press statement, it said the “Naga Army personnel were gunned down in a cold-blooded manner on fabricated ground that they were planning to execute mischievous mission.
“This is the brazen manner of the Government of India [GoI] in dealing with the NSCN, which is in a ceasefire agreement running more than 23 years,” the statement said.
It said the existence of the NSCN should not be construed as a nuisance to India in any manner.
“The prevailing Indo-Naga ceasefire signed between the GoI and NSCN is the standing evidence of Nagas’ goodwill towards India to live in peaceful coexistence. The Indo-Naga Ceasefire of 1997 is for peace and political negotiation to bring permanent peace in Nagalim after mutually agreeing to accept the points of conflict taking into consideration the historical and political legitimacy of Naga movement,” the NSCN-GPRN said.
It stated that the signing of the 3 August, 2015 framework agreement was a milestone in the Indo-Naga political talks. “But the irony is when GoI reneged. This is the crux of the Indo-Naga political talked which has remain in doldrums.”
“In today’s highly sensitive world it is difficult to imagine ceasefire signed for the purpose of negotiating for honourable political solution and military suppression going on side by side. Significantly, this is the manner of the GoI in dealing with the Nagas. The suppressive nature that GoI refused to part is the root cause complicating the 23 years of Indo-Naga political talks that has achieved much but honoured very little.”
The statement further said that the NSCN was being driven to the wall after repeated provocations and aggression.
“The goodwill spirit of ceasefire has been stamped to the ground. Ceasefire has lost its meaning because ceasefire can only make sense where there is mutual respect,” it said.
The NSCN in particular and Nagas in general gave a revolutionary salute to the fallen ‘Naga army personnel’ and mourned their death.
“The precious lives of these promising young men have been cut short in their primetime but they have indeed gained martyrdom in this cruel death. They have made the ultimate sacrifices at the altar of freedom and their names have been recorded in the annals of Naga’s struggle for independence. The Naga Army will ever remember them and honour them with victory because their sacrifices will not go in vain,” the statement said.