Tangsa script inventor passes away

CHANGLANG, Jul 13: The inventor of the Tangsa script and literature, Lakhum Jogkah Mossang, breathed his last on 11 July after suffering a stroke at the age of 86 in his residence in Manmao, in Changlang district.
Born on 1 January, 1933, in Old Plone village in Namphai circle, Mossang was a visionary activist in the field of literature.
He began developing a common Tangsa script in 1990 and propagated the script door-to-door among the people of the Tangsa community, and also managed to publish it.
He later handed over the task of further developing the script to the newly created Tangsa Script Development Committee (TSDC) in Jairampur.
A board constituted by the Changlang DC has also recommended the Tangsa script to the state’s elementary education directorate “for reorganization of the script.”
In a condolence message, the TSDC expressed deep sorrow over Mossang’s demise, and said, “The Tangsas will not be able to forget and repay the cost of his hardships. His death is a great loss for the whole Tangsa community. He may have left us, but his sacrifice and script will remain immortal in our hearts. We, the Tangsa people, should continue his work to keep his legacy alive. We all pray for his eternal soul to rest in peace.”