Save the business community

The Arunachal Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) has highlighted the agony and pain of the business community in its letter to the chief secretary, which has been widely carried in the local media. The ACCI, which has played a pivotal role in conducting large-scale antigen tests to detect Covid-19 cases in the Itanagar capital region (ICR), raised several pertinent issues which should be given a sympathetic hearing by the state government. The brutal lockdown has hit the business community of the state, particularly in the ICR, hard. Many of them are on the verge of shutting down the business.
To make matter worse, the truckers carrying goods are reportedly facing
constant harassment from the police. There seems to an utter lack of coordination between the police and the district administration. This should be immediately sorted out. The police and the DA should not create unnecessary hurdles and ensure movement of trucks by strictly following the standard operating procedures of the state government. The business community has repeatedly knocked the door of the state government for help. The government should come forward and extend some kind of assistance to them. It cannot feign ignorance of the pain and the helplessness of the business community. A significant chunk of employment is generated by the private business groups. If the state government does not extend support, many of them will collapse and people will lose jobs.