TWS opposes MAR, PAC demands

ITANAGAR, Aug 4: The Tagin Welfare Society (TWS) has expressed resentment over the proposal to create a Mon autonomous region (MAR) and a Patkai autonomous council (PAC), and questioned the legitimacy of the demand for creation of autonomous councils in the two regions.
“They are seeking autonomous councils despite the fact that they are getting extra funds from the state government, having their own designated departments, namely DoKAA and DoTCL, unlike the rest of the communities of the state,” the TWS said.
It expressed unhappiness over the selection of ruling BJP MLAs as chairmen to lead the movement to press the MAR demand and the resolution to boycott the panchayat elections. “This is giving conflicting messages,” it said.
The TWS urged the state government to initiate a process to bring the state under the 6th schedule by amending Article 244 of the constitution by the parliament.
It came down hard on both the present and the previous governments for their handling of the autonomous councils issue.
“It would be the first of its kind where interest of a particular district for autonomous council is parleyed by state government, leaving aside aspirations of other regions of the state. We also condemn the previous government whoever proposed such flawed narrative to the central government. Such a move amounts to betrayal of the majority stakeholder of the state,” the society stated in a release.