ANSU demands agri-horti college in Nyishi-inhabited area/dist

ITANAGAR, Aug 6: The All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) has expressed strong resentment over the state government’s alleged failure to fulfill its commitment to establish an agriculture-horticulture college in a Nyishi-inhabited area/district.

In a reminder to the chief minister, the union stated that a roundtable meeting had been held under the chairmanship of the CM, in the presence of Home Minister Bamang Felix, on 11 June, 2018, during which the state government had agreed to establish an agri-horti college in a Nyishi-inhabited area/district.

“But very painfully, we could not find any positive development of your commitment till date,” despite submission of several representations, the ANSU said.

The union gave the state government 15 days to fulfill the demand.

It also reiterated its strong opposition to creation of autonomous councils/regions in Arunachal, and expressed objection to the government’s move to create a Mon autonomous region (MAR), terming it a divisive move which, the union said, would segregate the tribal bonding of the state.

The union also stated that the proposed map for MAR was not prepared in consensus with neighbouring stakeholders (Nyishi community).

It claimed that 12 Nyishi villages in three circles of East Kameng district have been included in the proposed map without public consensus. The villages are Silla, Bana Camp, Wotte and Tomme in Bana circle; Richukhrong CO HQ, Tallam Sima, Chumbung and Tako Moka in Richukhrong circle; and Tawe, Gikung, Lower Liyak and Rapung in Lada circle, the ANSU said.

The union stated that if the government wishes to grant autonomy, it should be granted to the underdeveloped, deprived, and educationally backward sections. It said if the government was of the opinion to grant autonomous region status based on these points, then “we the ANSU also demands for Nyishi Autonomous Council/Region and urge your government to pass it in the coming assembly session.”

The union demanded that the government look into the matters seriously and take necessary action within 15 days, failing which, it said, it would launch a democratic movement.