Party supports CM’s proposal for open discussion on autonomy issue: Wahge

ITANAGAR, Aug 8: State BJP president Biyuram Wahge on Saturday said that the party fully supports Chief Minister Pema Khandu’s proposal to have an open discussion on the demands for a Mon autonomous region (MAR) and a Patkai autonomous council (PAC).

Addressing reporters at the BJP office here, Wahge said that the decision to seek a solution to the issue through debate and discussion among community-based organizations, a panel of advocates, and ministers under the chairmanship of DCM Chowna Mein “is a better approach.”

“Those who are to object and accept the demand of MAR and PAC should participate in the discussion. According to the outcome of the discussion, the state government will discuss it further,” Wahge said.

He said every community has the right to demand an autonomous district council (ADC). “But as an individual, if I say a particular district should be given autonomy, it would be injustice,” he said.

“Though a few communities and student organizations are opposing the discussion, like any other issues, the issue of MAR demand should also be solved by discussion,” he said.

Wahge said that the debate should also focus on whether the state should be brought under the 6th schedule of the Indian constitution, “or should we remain under the 5th schedule?”

“According to the outcome of the debate on ADC, we will also discuss bringing the state under the 6th schedule of the Indian constitution in the coming state assembly session,” he said.

When asked about the All Nyishi Youth Association’s demand for the CM’s resignation, Wahge made it clear that “there is no chance of the CM to give resignation.”

He said that the government is of the BJP, so there is no question of the CM resigning, “taking into consideration that the CM had earlier proposed a debate on the MAR issue during a press conference on 5 August.”

“But the state government will definitely issue a white paper on the state’s financial status,” Wahge added.