Contractual docs demand regularization

ITANAGAR, Aug 17: The United Contractual Doctors under National Health Mission (UCDNHM) has demanded that the state government regularize the jobs of the contractual doctors who have completed three years of service.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, the organization’s members said all the contractual doctors who are serving in various capacities should be entitled to a basic salary of Rs 50,000 from the time of joining. However, it said, currently the doctors are entitled to only Rs 23,000 as salary, without TA and DA, and sought to know when the government would keep its promise of regularizing the doctors’ services.

While the contractual doctors have maintained patience for years in anticipation of a better future, the health department never paid heed to the needs of the doctors, the members said.

They underscored the role of the doctors, including NHM doctors, particularly during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and said the government should start taking care of the doctor community.

Currently there are around 132 contractual doctors under the NHM, out of whom five are allopathic doctors, 43 are dental surgeons, 11 are Ayurvedic doctors, and 78 are homoeopathic doctors, the UCDNHM said.