A bright future for TRIHMS

In what could be termed a major declaration, the director of the Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (TRIHMS), Dr Moji Jini on Monday shared with the media that the government is working with a long-term plan of turning the TRIHMS into a 750-bedded hospital. At present the hospital has 350 beds. If indeed the plan of 750 beds materializes, along with several other facilities in the offing, the TRIHMS will truly emerge as one of the best hospitals. However, it will need sincere effort by everyone, including the officials of the TRIHMS, the health department, and the political bosses to execute the plan.
Also, it’s time the state government explored the possibility of acquiring back the 200 acres of land that had been acquired for the purpose of establishing a medical college in Pachin, Naharlagun. Land compensation amounting to Rs 46,25,782 was also paid to the villagers. This land will be crucial for future expansion of the TRIHMS. The state government should hold talks with the villagers and make an effort to reclaim the land which has been encroached on. The plot in Pachin can be used to expand the TRIHMS campus in the future as it is not very far from the hospital’s location. The people of Pachin should also try to extend cooperation and not create unnecessary hurdles. They will be doing a great service to the state by extending cooperation to the health department for the medi-city project. On its part, the state government should try to address some of the genuine grievances of the villagers.