Nagar Van and lessons from other mega projects

Chief Minister Pema Khandu recently announced that the capital, Itanagar has been selected to implement an urban forest scheme launched by the ministry of environment, forest & climate change (MoEFCC).
Under this scheme, named the ‘Nagar Van’, the government will create urban forest in the cities. The capital complex region, once known for its natural beauty is losing it because of the growing urbanization. The rampant earth cutting and continued expansion of the city is leading to dwindling of the forest area.
The ‘Nagar Van’ scheme can play a pivotal role as the state government will create this forest in an area measuring around 20 hectares.
The citizens of the capital complex will be looking forward to the implementation of this project. But considering the fact that the government of Arunachal has been found wanting while implementing major development projects like Itanagar to Banderdewa four-lane highway, smart city project, the people of the capital region will also be hoping that this project does not fail.
Several major infrastructures are regularly announced for the capital region but are never properly implemented. Most of these projects are used as a tool to make money by officers and the politicians. Some of them remain mere announcements while some are implemented only on in paper. The delay in completion of the four-lane highway project is the best example.
Chief Minister Pema Khandu who also holds the portfolio of the PWD has failed to put pressure on construction agencies to complete the work on time. In some stretches, even the land issue has not been resolved till now.