Resolution on 6th schedule and Article 371 (H)

The Arunachal legislative assembly adopted a resolution that the state be included in the 6th schedule of the constitution of India to protect the tribal rights of the indigenous people. The legislative assembly further resolved that the special provision with respect to the state be further strengthened by amending Article 371 (H) by inserting provisions for protection of religious or social practices of the tribes of Arunachal; customary laws and procedures of the tribes of Arunachal; administration of civil and criminal justice involving decisions according to the customary laws of the tribes of Arunachal; and ownership and transfer of land and its resources.
The resolution, which saw no opposition from any of the members, irrespective of party affiliation, will be sent to the Centre. The legislative assembly did not come up with a timeline, but it is expected to be sent soon.
The state is protected under the Chin Hill Regulation, 1896, and the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873, but it is under Article 371 (H), which gives overwhelming power to the governor. It remains to be seen how the Centre will react to the resolution, but it must respect that the two-point resolution adopted by the legislative assembly was drafted after a consultative meeting with the stakeholders.