What is this pandemic?

-Sagarika Deb.

A fear paled millions of face
Who has been so part of the human life race.
Just some days before,
A pandemic shook human life’s core.

People who were smiling jolly and enjoying life some days back…
Now they find their breathe so lack.
Someone thinks why it happened so
Did their diet and lifestyle had anything to do?
Even they have to spend money to go to hospitals.

By the time people were cautious.
And took the pandemic serious,
Time flew away out of our hands,
There was no time even to mend,
Only a way was this was being too aware.
And with health to play not dare.

But was there only a dark face of this pandemic. .
Or was there a new day going to be historic.
Days after the sea was found crystal clear.
There was no cloud with black ash to fear.

Days after animals and swans come to their abode,
Finding no people to interfere beside the road.
Dolphins are seen swim ming across the sea.
So alive as well as free.

Our life became so hectic and busy
That we forgot to behave and stay easy.
People forgot to talk with family
Without business , with fun and ease.
Long time after every member came together -served cups of tea
With hours in hand to spend it so free.

Slowly the suffering seem to lower now.
We hope that a new life is coming so.
Now if a new world is coming on the way
Without any destruction away.
We should retain this world with much care
Then the new world will be the rarest of the rare.