Carriage assn threatens to go on strike

ITANAGAR, Sep 3: The All Itanagar Tata Mobile & Carriage Tempo Welfare Association (AITM&CTWA) has threatened to go on a strike if the state government fails to address its parking lot issue within a month from Thursday.

AITM&CTWA president Deke Raju informed that on 25 August, 2017, the then Itanagar capital region DC Prince Dhawan through an order notified a 600-square-metre plot near the IG Park tennis court here as a temporary parking lot for commercial Tata Mobile vehicles.

After the pavement and toilets had been constructed, the temporary Tata Mobile stand was inaugurated by Dhawan himself on 5 October, 2017, informed Raju, who was addressing a press conference at the Arunachal Press Club here.

“However, land allotment against the same plot, measuring 165 square metres, was issued to one Rimo Gyadi on 3 March, 2019, following which Gyadi set up a commercial establishment on the plot and fenced the boundary, thus obstructing the use of the plot as a parking lot,” said Raju.

Terming the issuance of the land allotment “illegal,” Raju said the authorities concerned, such as the DC, the land management department, the EAC or others are not aware of how a portion of the plot was allotted to Gyadi despite it being designated as a Tata Mobile stand.

Raju also informed that the then DC had relocated the Tata Mobile stand from Punjabi Dhaba here to the current location, citing traffic congestion and the four-lane highway construction, and had assured in the order itself that they could use the current plot till a high-power committee reviews the order.

“As per documents obtained through RTI, no high-power committee was constituted and no other plot has been designated as a parking lot for the commercial Tata Mobile vehicles,” said Raju.

He said that they now have no place to park their vehicles, and that, if they park the vehicle along the road, they are penalized by the authorities concerned.

The AITM&CTWA president said if the state government fails to address the issue, either by revoking Gyadi’s land allotment and evicting the infrastructure or by designating a parking lot for the AITM&CTWA near the city by 3 October, the association would resort to a strike, during which they would not allow any vehicular movement.